56k Dial-Up:
  Unlimited* - Plain and Simple -  We set it up,so you don't have to.
  $20 a month, no setup fees, 2 weeks free. 5 free email accounts - Spam
  email scanning and virus scanning. First come, first serve, scheduling limitations
  may apply. One computer limit on free setup. Each additional computer $10.
  Home Networking - call for details.
  Business Networking - call for details.

56k Dial-Up:
  Dedicated - No busy signals, your own number to dial-in on, 24 hour connection.
  5 Free email accounts - Spam email scanning and virus scanning. Fixed Ip numbers available.
  $80 a month. Limited availability, first come, first serve. Additional equipment cost may
  apply depending on needs - call for details.

Web Hosting:
  Dedicated Server connection. You provide the computer, we provide the connection.
  Bandwidth limitation may apply - contact us for details and to discuss your needs.

Lan Parties - Private and Public:
  Details to be announced. Coming Soon!

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