The Storm has arrived, are you prepared to be blown away?
A little information about the business and our name..facts and humor

Vista - noun

1: an extensive or distant view
2: an extensive mental view (as over a stretch of time or a series of events)

Storm - noun

1: a disturbance of the atmosphere marked by wind and usually by rain, snow, hail, sleet, or thunder and lightning.
2: a disturbed or agitated state : a sudden or violent commotion
3: a sudden heavy influx or onset

  We at VistaStorm have done exactly as our name implies, we have taken an extensive view of the storm(sudden onset of services provided in our community of Boone, IA), and have decided on what we feel will be a good balance of services to offer, you, our customers.
  No we are not a huge business, we don't want to be. How often have you heard THAT from a business? What we do want to be, is someone you can get an honest answer from(even though it may not be the answer you're looking for). We strive to run in the real world, and deal with real people (Yes! You the customer, a real person).
  Our business outlook, is simple, WE have to give YOU, a reason to come back, either you like our service, or you  don't. In business we only get one chance, either do it right the first time or we must be prepared for dismal failure.
  We know from our own experience as the customer,  if you go to a business and don't like the service, you have a choice to be a repeat customer or not. Here is an interesting, if not humorous fact, without repeat customers, a business won't succeed. Definitely food for thought.
  If you're ready to experience a different view, and yes, even a different attitude, about business, customers, and "service", stop by and check us out, but be prepared, you might just get blown away by the storm....or should we say VistaStorm.


  Just on a side note the other day, I had a business aquaintance say something to me, he said 'Same team same dream', you want to know something Matt, you're right. Thanks.

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